Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. I might have found my soulmate. A man who built a bacon-based empire? Yes, please.

2. Did you know I’m a dork and I keep a spreadsheet of all the books I read, movies I see in theaters, and new recipes I try? This started a few years ago when I was keeping track of these things for my 30 by 30 list, and I decided to keep it up. I love comparing how much I’ve done year to year. And it’s fun, especially with the recipes, to look back over the list and remember what occasion I made each dish for and how completely delicious some (most?) of them were.

3. What does your favorite Disney princess say about you? My favorite Disney movie/princess is Sleeping Beauty, and that description of Aurora is pretty spot on for me. I LOVE to sleep. A lot, and late into the day. I just need to find out how to get me a prince with a trust fund.

4. I love Christmas. Love it. But Christmas displays in September?? I’m ok with the decorations starting to go up around Halloween, but this year, on September 28th, I saw my first Christmas display of the year. WHO is already buying any Christmas decorations? Are the stores getting any business from setting stuff up so early?

5. I have seen that Bud Light commercial with the quinoa about a dozen times and it still makes me laugh every single time. What is that, a loofah? It’s a queeno.

6. And speaking of commercials, Hump Day will never not be funny.

7. I did a bad thing and bought these boots. I shouldn’t have, but I don’t care.

8. I would really love to go on vacation. Work has been ridiculously insane lately and I just want to get the hell out of dodge. But I can’t, because I spend my money on boots. See point #3 above about needing to find a prince with a trust fund.

9. But, no matter how crazy work is, I’m still pretty lucky because of the people surrounding me. Yesterday I had lunch with my brother and then a great happy hour with my friends. Life is good.

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