Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. Have you heard of Stitch Fix? I feel like I’m a little behind the times because I only just heard about it fairly recently, but it seems like every blogger out there has already signed up. Basically you pay $20, give them some info on your size, style, and budget, and they send you five items picked just for you. Return (with free shipping) what you don’t want, and buy what you do. They’ll apply your $20 deposit toward anything you buy. I’m intrigued.

2. Blogging has not been conducive to getting to bed at a reasonable time. I’ve been spending way too many late nights planning what to cook and scheduling and writing posts. This is not a good thing, because it means I hit snooze every morning instead of getting up to exercise. I’m pretty sure my Weight Watchers ActiveLink monitor thinks I died.

3. Does anyone actually use a real phonebook anymore? I can’t believe they even still print them, but apparently they do. Someone made the rounds in my condo complex last week dropping off the new Yellow Pages. Such a waste of paper and such a nuisance to drag it out to the dumpster.

4. Who is watching Sleepy Hollow? I really liked the first episode and was thinking it might be a keeper. But the previews for the upcoming season look like it might get too scary for my taste. I’m a baby when it comes to scary things. A huge baby who will be driven nearly to tears by things popping out of the shadows. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch this week’s episode yet, so we’ll see how it goes.

5. I was reading an article on Thought Catalog the other day that was full of advice about men. This was my favorite: “Beware a man who never smiles when he eats. Most likely he’ll be bad in bed.” I can’t say I’d be into a man who doesn’t get excited about food anyway, but that seems like pretty solid advice.

6. I am no longer undefeated in my Fantasy Football league. I lost last week by 6 points. Grrrr.

7. I had my first in-home Pampered Chef party last weekend. It closed at nearly $800 in commissionable sales for me. Woohoo for earning some spending money! (Or really, money to cover the cost of Pampered Chef things I bought for myself…)

8. I intend for these Thursday Thoughts to be light and fun, and I enjoy jotting down thoughts throughout the week to share, but I need to let this last point get a little heavy. On Monday, my next door neighbor was found dead in his home at only 64 years old. I had seen him outside the day before chatting with some neighbors, and by all accounts he was fine. I didn’t know him well, but he was a kind, friendly man and I’ve thought a lot about him this week. I’m reminded that life could be over in an instant, with no notice, so it’s very important to live the life you want right now. Love and hug your friends and families. Spend your free time doing what you want to be doing, not what you think you should be doing. Let the laundry go until tomorrow, and stay up a little later. Make sure you spend as many of your days as possible in a way that would make you happy to have had that as your last day.

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  1. Love your Thursday Thoughts! :) So sad about your neighbor.